Make Today The Beginning Of Your New Fitness Journey!

Want to get your fit life started, but you are tired of walking around a gym not knowing what to do? CrossFit Wheelhouse is your answer! All of our programs offer three things that provide you with the keys to success:

1. Train with others.

All our programs are in a group training setting. We’ve learned that individuals in a fitness program blossom when surrounded with like minded people who are willing to train along with you and celebrate successes.

2. Participate in group sessions led by quality coaches.

Our coaches at CrossFit Wheelhouse have over 30 years of combined CrossFit coaching experience. All of our coaches follow a structured class format that best benefits the participants and provides the coach time and opportunity to give each person that personal training feeling during a group training session.

3. Follow a structured, functional, and practical program.

All of our programs are planned weeks in advance to best help you achieve your fitness goals. Our programs are structured with safety and injury prevention in mind at all times. We program our workouts for our programs so that they can be scaled for all fitness levels.

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